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15 October 2013 @ 06:06 pm
Law & Order UK Renewed for Series 8  
Not unexpected, yet it is gratifying to see that the UK spinoff is faring quite well, these days. Special thanks for the ATLAO blog for informing me, as I haven't been watching UK (and, yes, I know I should). Hyperlink is spaced, as Livejournal continues to have issues with Deadline links for whatever reason.

http://w w w.d eadline.com/2013/09/itv-renews-law-order-uk-for-season-8/

Whenever I find out the proper timecode, I'll post the Series 7 finale Episode Discussion, as per its connection to "Phobia." I have no idea when that shall be, beyond this week or next.

A light Belzer-related entry is on the way, in honor of his SVU semi-finale, tomorrow. If it is not done by tonight, then it will be by tomorrow.
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